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Our Family 




Richardson Farms Pastured Pork is exactly that!  They are out on pasture and not confined to small pens!

 This enables the pigs to socialize with each other, dig in the mud, and eat as much grass as they want!

Thus, making happy pigs!!!

 No hormones or antibiotics are given to them!





Keeping the pigs happy!

 Richardson Farms likes to keep the pigs happy!

 We often "water down" the pigs to keep them cool in the summer!

 It also makes a big wallow for the pigs to play in!

 These mud wallows serve several purposes:

 1) the mud helps to keep them cool, 2) helps protect them from sunburn, 3) helps keep down external parasites, and 4) pigs just love it!

 Nothing is more important to Richardson Farms than happy and healthy animals!!



Richardson Farms has a few new additions to the farm!

 Over the past few months, we have had many of our sows giving birth.  Below are a few pictures of them.

These two sows farrowed next to each other and are "sharing" the responsibilities.....often nursing the others piglets!